Mississippi is a naturalist’s and birdwatcher’s delight, especially along the historic Natchez Trace. Let Harmony Farm of Mississippi be your base for travel and birding, but prepare to see some ornithological delights on the farm itself during your stay!

Prothonotary Warblers, with their distinctive yellow coats and sweet call, nest in the trees surrounding the cottage.


Harmony Farm is home to a sizable brood of doves, including ring-necked turtle doves and white homing doves.


Harmony Farm is home to three hens: Melania, Hillary, and Megyn Kelly, whom guests are welcome to feed. harmonyfarm050

And of course, with many ponds and the installation of a duck blind, ducks and geese are regular visitors to Harmony Farm.

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Make Harmony Farm of Mississippi on the historic Natchez Trace your birding destination today!