In today’s hectic and fast-paced world, it can be difficult to make time to spend with your significant other, but quality time together necessary to maintain a healthy and loving relationship. Harmony Farm is the perfect spot to get away with your loved one for a romantic retreat. Here are just some of the ways spending time alone together can keep the romance in your relationship:

Quality Time

You may spend a lot of time with your significant other—you may even live together. But the key to a healthy relationship isn’t just “being around” each other, it’s about spending quality time together. Spending quality time with your partner means you are more likely to talk about important things such as your feelings, interests, values, goals, and dreams—and it also means your partner is more likely to actually listen and engage in the discussion. Having these quality talks is central to a good relationship.

Getting Back to Nature

There’s plenty of proof that getting back to nature is good for your physical, mental and spiritual health, but it can also benefit your relationship. People who spend time in nature tend to be happier and more optimistic than those who don’t, and this positivity inevitably bleeds into your relationship. Think about it: no one wants to be around someone who’s grumpy all the time. Sharing in mutual activities such as hiking, fishing, and picnicking have also proven to benefit relationships, which means spending time in nature together and engaging in outdoor activities together can be a huge boost to your love life.

Location, Location, Location

Just being in a “romantic” place with your partner can heighten feelings of romance. If you’re alone with your partner in a fancy restaurant with low lighting, candles, and soft music, you already feel more romantic because it’s a novel environment away from all of the usual and ordinary places you spend time together. Harmony Farm offers the perfect atmosphere for couples: our cozy cottage, screened gazebo and beautiful porch are the perfect backdrop to spend a romantic evening alone together.

If you’re ready for a romantic getaway, book your stay at Harmony Farm.