With several established trails along the way, horseback riding has become a popular activity on the Natchez Trace.* But while there are several scenic spots to enjoy from astride the saddle, there are no amenities provided by the Trace itself when it comes to boarding your horses. That’s where Harmony Farm comes in. Enjoy the trails below without worry; just come to Harmony Farm at the end of the day and we can provide a place of peace and rest for you and your equine friends.

Witch Dance Horse Trail

The Witch Dance Horse Trail, located in Tombigbee National Forest near Houston, MS, includes an 18-mile loop that winds through varied topography and is one of the most popular horse trails in Mississippi. The trail provides restrooms, hitching posts and parking at the trailhead and horse trailer parking.

Yockanookany Scenic Trail

As long and winding as its name, this 24-mile long trail just north of Jackson, MS and passes through a wide variety of historical and natural sites. The site also provides ample room for parking multiple horse trailers and water is available for horses.

The Stables & Pastures at Harmony Farm

After a day on the trails you and your horses can relax at our bed and breakfast style farm. As one of the few facilities along the Natchez Trace that provides boarding for horses, we offer stable services with 12’ x 12’ covered stalls, pasture and grazing areas, a 90 ft. x 180 ft. arena and 60 ft. round pen. To learn more about our other services click here.

*When traveling with and riding horses along the Natchez Trace, be sure to follow all rules and regulations of the parkway which can be found here.