Harmony Farm is the perfect place for travellers to relax, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of sights to see for those who want to explore what the region has to offer. We’re conveniently nestled just a short drive away from all sorts of exciting places, so you can discover the region’s most delightful destinations:

Ancient Mysteries of Poverty Point


Just over the river in Eastern Louisiana, Poverty Point is the site of ancient earthworks. This mythical and mysterious attraction has been classified a UNESCO world heritage site and is believed to have been built between 1650 and 700 BC by a group of Native Americans. Poverty Point has been described as “the largest and most complex Late Archaic occupation and ceremonial site yet found in North America.” With over 900 acres to explore you could spend a whole day getting lost among these ancient ruins.

Haunting Remains of Rocky Springs, Mississippi


Another mysterious site, Rocky Springs Mississippi is a ghost town and historic site along the Natchez Trace. First settled at the turn of the 19th century, the town grew from nothing more than a watering hole along the old Natchez Trace to a town of nearly 3000, over 2000 of which were slaves. Civil War, Yellow fever and destructive crop insects eventually put an end to the once prosperous town, but visitors can still delight in some of the remaining structures of the town including the Methodist church, graveyard and post office. The town and surrounding trail is open to the public during daylight hours.

Historic Beauty of Vicksburg, Mississippi


Historic Vicksburg, Mississippi has something to offer any travellers along the Natchez Trace or Mississippi River. For history buffs, the city is home to many civil war attractions, and was the site of the Siege of Vicksburg, when the Union Army gained control of the Mississippi River and turning the tide of the war. Vicksburg is also home to great shopping and dining for those who want to make a day of it in this quaint southern city. Grab lunch at The Tomato Place, pick up some Southern gifts and collectibles at The Cinnamon Tree downtown, and spend the afternoon strolling along the mighty Mississippi.

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