Antebellum Plantations Along the Natchez Trace


Harmony Farm is the perfect stop for history buffs. The Natchez Trace is home to some of the most famous and beautiful antebellum homes still in existence east of the Mississippi. These plantations may have tragic, complicated pasts, but their the perfect place to explore if you’re a history buff or Civil War aficionado heading down the Trace.

Waverley Plantation

Waverley Mansion in Clay County, Mississippi was once a crowning jewel of north Mississippi homes. The house itself was the hub of a self-sustaining community complete with acres of farmland and gardens, orchards, livestock keeps, and eventually its own lumber mill and tannery. The home also became the site of famed Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest’s convalescence. The home is now open to the public, but beware, rumor has it this home is haunted. To learn more about Waverley Plantation click here.

Longwood Plantation

Longwood may be one of the South’s most famous antebellum plantations. Unlike most antebellum homes which were built in the Greek Revival style, Longwood’s design is influenced by Byzantine and classic Oriental architecture with it’s octagonal shape and onion-like dome. The house was never technically finished. It was designed for cotton baron Haller Nutt, but ultimately became a symbol of the end of Southern decadence and the age of cotton barons as the Civil War brewed. Today the space is available to rent and has been feature on the A&E Network and as the home of a vampire king on the HBO series True Blood. To learn more about Longwood Plantation click here.

Belmont Plantation

A little further off the Trace than the others, but well worth the trip, this plantation sits in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. Built by W. W. Worthington in 1857 in the tiny town of Wayside, Mississippi, the house was plundered by Union forces in 1863 during the Civil War. In 1946 it was restored and turned into the Belmont Hunting Lodge by then governor Dennis Murphree. It has been on the national register of historic places since 1972 and currently serves as tourist attraction, wedding & event space, luxury hunting lodge and group bed and breakfast. Learn more about Belmont Plantation here.

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